Little Caesars: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread -

Little Caesars

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

To kick off our new partnership with Little Caesars, we created a Super Bowl commercial announcing their new home delivery offering — the pizza chain’s first-ever spot in the Big Game.

For lovers of Little Caesars fresh, hot, delicious pizza, delivery right to their front door sounds like the best thing since, well, sliced bread. But for the good folks at Sliced Bread, Inc., it turns out not to be the best thing at all — no matter how you slice it.

As the spot unfolds, news of Little Caesars home delivery makes its way to the headquarters of Sliced Bread Inc., unleashing comedic anarchy. And despite his antic best efforts, Sliced Bread’s embattled CEO — played by Rainn Wilson — is helpless to save the day.

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