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Fifth to First In Just 20 Months!

Prior to our Right At Home campaign, Samsung Home Appliances was little more than an emerging presence in category, competing against legacy brands like Maytag, GE and Whirlpool. Those brands tended to reflect a very traditional view of home life in which appliances exist to manage chores. To break from this crowd, we leveraged Samsung’s technology credentials to reach a group of affluent millennials whose chaotic home life is something to celebrate and enjoy. We used celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who we had previously used the couple to promote Samsung mobile products, to bring the idea to life.


  • Brand moved from #5 to #1 in category retail outlet sales in less than two years
  • Held # 1 position in category for 6 consecutive quarters
  • Two-time Effie Winner

Marry the virtual with the physical at CES

How did Samsung demonstrate the mind-blowing capability of their Gear VR headsets? Simple. They built an amusement park. At CES, Samsung showcased their Gear VR with an unmissable attraction: an amusement park environment overlooking the swarm of activity on the convention floor. People waited in line for up to an hour to take a ride on a virtual roller coaster, the most popular group-synced experience of the four-day event. It was the smash hit of the show, and, not only that, Six Flags even jumped on the ride — they asked Samsung to create experiences for their new virtual roller coaster attraction.


  • 10,000 people participated over the four-day event
  • Rides ran at full capacity
  • Press coverage included CNET, USA Today and Forbes

Extraordinary results through creativity

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