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Growing businesses through innovative brand experiences.

McKinney specializes in creating immersive and memorable experiences that create a one-to-one connection between brands and consumers. Whether you are launching a new product, building brand awareness, driving engagement online or off, or even impacting direct sales, our team has over a decade of experience helping leading brands achieve their experiential marketing objectives.

Samsung Smart City

In 2019, McKinney brought Samsung’s main exhibit to life at CES. The booth highlighted flagship new technologies and products like QLED 8K, The Wall, Galaxy, 5G, Samsung Robot, Automotive, and the Bixby Experience. The entire 38,250 sq. ft. exhibit seamlessly showcased Samsung’s vision and strategy, giving visitors a glimpse of what the future holds for Samsung products and their applications in everyday life. The booth was visited by over 150,000 people, with visitors staying an average of 26.2 minutes.

The World’s Fastest Fill-Up

Sunoco wanted to drive usage of their new payment app, which they touted as the fastest way to pay for gas. We decided to prove it by setting a Guinness World Record for the most vehicles refueled in one hour. Using NASCAR fuel man John Gianninoto, Sunoco set the record by filling 148 cars in one hour. The resulting press coverage received almost 160 million impressions and a 70% increase in transactions on the app.

Corian Moodboard Maker

Corian needed to expand consumer perceptions of its product in order to drive its business forward. To bring awareness to the innovative uses of Corian surfaces, we took their existing digital moodboard maker off the desktop and brought it to Grand Central Station in New York, inviting passersby to create and display their own moodboards. Beyond the hundreds that interacted with the installation in New York, the experience was shared digitally, resulting in 1.5MM impressions.

McKinney Experiential Marketing Capabilities

  • Influencers
  • Festivals
  • Corporate Events
  • VIP Hospitality
  • Tradeshows
  • Press Conferences
  • Retail Structures
  • Marketing Stunts
  • Collegiate Events
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Product Launch Events
  • Sponsorship Activations
  • Sports Marketing
  • Interactive Displays
  • Pop-Up Stores

For over 50 years, McKinney has helped brands solve business problems through creativity.

With locations in Durham, Los Angeles, and New York, we have direct access to Main Street America while being steeped in the latest in entertainment, emerging trends, and technology. We partner with clients to uncover simple human insights and bring those to life through compelling brand stories and experiences.


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