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Low Budget, High Impact

In December 2017, A24 was set to release “The Disaster Artist,” a low-budget movie starring James Franco based on the making of Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic flop, The Room. But star power alone would not be enough to attract the mass audiences needed for box office success. They asked us to create an idea that was big, on a budget that was small — like, $10,000 small. In 2003, Wiseau purchased a billboard in Hollywood featuring the title of the film, a prominent photo of his own intense, looming visage and his personal number to call for locations and showtimes. Despite making only $1,800 opening week and being pulled from circulation, the billboard remained for five years, privately funded by Wiseau. So, we used the entire $10,000 media budget and purchased the same iconic location and recreated the billboard with a twist: Franco was to loom over Hollywood as Wiseau and the phone number would go straight to a private flip phone in Franco’s possession.


  • 3.5 billion earned impressions worldwide
  • Billboard and social campaign garnered over 151,000 calls
  • Seth Rogen’s single Tweet increased phone calls by 10x, to 2,360 calls per hour

Chucky Resurrected On Reddit

In June 2019, Orion released the remake of the 1988 horror flick, “Child’s Play” along with its iconic evildoer star, Chucky. We were tasked with connecting a modern audience with the walking, talking, utter psychopath doll and his infamous catchphrase, “Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?” So we reached people in places they thought were safe from the “Lake Shore Strangler” like Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit — creating the first-ever branded Reddit bot.


  • Top spot outperformed competition at a 4.5% share rate
  • Bot became most successful ad ever on Reddit with 43K comments to date
  • 18M earned impressions
  • 81K clicks, 0.45% CTR

A Social Phenomenon That Kicked Serious Box Office A$$

BHTilt and Neon needed a social-led campaign to release Leigh Whannell’s first action/sci-fi drama Upgrade. Our challenge was to create an organic and paid digital and social campaign to get fans of the director so pumped that they would not only see the film, but bring their friends. By creating content that sparked conversation and celebrated the fans, we were able to stoke word-of-mouth chatter that resulted in a record-breaking opening weekend for the studio.


  • 200+ pieces of unique content created
  • 1.4M trailer views upon release to the public
  • 360M total campaign impressions

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