Take It All In

Put simply, the SEC Network is one of the biggest game-changers in the history of college athleticsŠ— — The SEC Network's impact is going to be monumental.
Outkick the Coverage, 7/30/14
Spectator spectacle

In 2014, ESPN launched the SEC Network. But before they did, we had to convince people to convince their cable providers to carry it. That's a lot of convincing. So we focused on the fans instead of the players, because, in the SEC, the spectacle is not confined to the sport.Œ

Most successful network launch ever

On August 14, 2014, the SEC Network was available in 90Πmillion homes, making it the most successful sports network launch in cable history. Ever. Of all time.

I thought [the Mizzou spot] was great! We didnŠ—'t try to be something else. The MIZ-ZOU chant is one of our best traditions & it connects Mizzou Tigers around the country. This commercial shows the pride of Mizzou #MIZ.
Bryan Buer
Giving each school its due

We worked with each of the 14 SEC schools to make 14 spots and print ads that genuinely represent the passion of their local fans. Each piece ran across national ESPN platforms and local school-owned assets. Fans shared their favorites using #14schools14stories. So, they got around.

Living the SEC

The year after the network launch, we immersed SEC fans in the world of their favorite sports conference with their stories. It started with two spots — "Babies" and "Dressing Up." Warning: You might get emotional, even if you're not an SEC fan.

The SEC has the cutest babies. This canŠ—'t be argued.
Ken Bradley
Cynopsis Media