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Sherwin-Williams: The transformative power of color

Sherwin-Williams’ challenge is to get people to make an extra stop – and pay a significant premium – for their paint, that can only be bought at a Sherwin-Williams store. So we on focused on a simple truth — people paint for the transformative power of color. We learned that when you get your paint color chip in someone’s hands, they are more likely to buy their paint from you.  So we used Sherwin-Williams’ color chips to create beautiful new worlds of color. 


  • Consistent annual growth
  • Stock price has quadrupled
  • Third fastest growing major retailer in North America in 2018

Corian® Design: Making counters counter to what we do

Corian had become outdated after 50 years, and sales were in a double-digit decline. We helped the brand fight its way back to relevance by developing a distinctive voice in a commoditized category. By pursuing a bigger frame of reference and positioning ourselves as a legit design brand (not a countertop brand) our Make Your Space campaign inspired our key targets to shift their perspective and exercise their originality.


  • Year-over-year sales grew 10%, 50% over plan
  • 40% of growth attributed to brand campaign efforts

Samsung Home Appliances: From 5th to 1st in just 20 months

Prior to our Right At Home campaign, Samsung Home Appliances was little more than an emerging presence in category, competing against legacy brands like Maytag, GE and Whirlpool. Those brands tended to reflect a very traditional view of home life in which appliances exist to manage chores. To break from this crowd, we leveraged Samsung’s technology credentials to reach a group of affluent millennials whose chaotic home life is something to celebrate and enjoy. We used celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard to bring the idea to life.


  • Moved from #5 to #1 in category retail outlet sales in less than two years
  • Held #1 position in category for six consecutive quarters
  • Two-time Effie Winner

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