CEO Maglio seeks ‘right balance’ as McKinney returns to its offices

CEO Maglio seeks ‘right balance’ as McKinney returns to its offices

May 25, 2021

Digiday recently observed that the “advertising business remains in a state of flux over the return to the office, with strategies still a decidedly mixed bag,” but McKinney CEO Joe Maglio’s vision of a return is more certain.

That said, while McKinney expects its people to be operating within a reasonable, daily commute of one of its offices by September 20, Maglio doesn’t envision a scenario where employees will be fully in the office five days a week.

Maglio explained the thinking behind McKinney’s return: “While we’re going to do our best to take the perspective of our teams into account, the reality is that nobody knows the right answer,” said Maglio. “While there’s no way to make a decision that will have everyone cheering, we’re going to respect what’s been working and be honest about what hasn’t worked as well over the last year and ultimately find the right balance.” 

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