McKinney creates ‘Strengthen The MomForce’ to help women restart marketing careers

McKinney creates ‘Strengthen The MomForce’ to help women restart marketing careers

May 19, 2021

McKinney’s ‘Strengthen the MomForce’ seeks to reverse job loss experienced by mothers due to COVID. The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on women — especially mothers. In fact, research shows that mothers are three times more likely than fathers to have lost their jobs due to COVID.  

A Little Black Book article sums up McKinney’s Strengthen The MomForce initiative nicely, “Job-searching mothers can reach out to McKinney directly to connect with employees who will lend their expertise by offering resume writing tips, interview skills training, overviews of new social platforms, advice on improving your portfolio and coaching on how to lead in a remote environment.”

In carrying out its mission to bring moms back to marketing jobs, Strengthen the MomForce set up shop on LinkedIn. There, moms can find information about the initiative’s objective and purpose as well as how to can sign up. The signup sheet is actionable and easy to use, with a simple menu of services that will quickly connect working moms with the one-on-one help from McKinney employees as they prepare for their job search.

McKinney employees will share their advertising, marketing, and communications expertise, providing everything from resume reviews and updates on the industry to practice interviews and more.

The initiative couldn’t come at a more critical time, not only for moms returning to the workforce but for the industry at large. McKinney Chief Strategy Officer Jasmine Dadlani points out that women still make 80% of all purchasing decisions, commenting: “This is something that isn’t lost on me — and it should come as no surprise to marketers. This is exactly the kind of perspective agencies should want inside their organizations, and it adds another layer to why we feel our work on Strengthen the MomForce isn’t just desired — it’s imperative.”

“The difficulty of being a working mom in advertising hit home even harder for me this past year. I don’t know if I would have made it through without the collective strength and support of the moms at McKinney — and I hate to think about any of them having to leave the industry,” added Dadlani. “I can’t imagine what it would be like trying to return to the workforce without a support system. Many moms will need help getting back into the industry, and I wanted to put what we’ve learned this year to good use.”

“Returning to the workplace, even after a short maternity leave, can be a nerve-wracking experience,” said Group Client Director Erin Christensen. “Add to that the changes that our industry, all businesses, and our world have undergone during the pandemic. We want moms returning to marketing and advertising to feel that they are equipped with the knowledge and self-assurance they need to find their next opportunity.”