Andy Pearson asks, “Running the Barkley is fun?”

Andy Pearson asks, “Running the Barkley is fun?”

May 10, 2021

When McKinney LA GCD Andy Pearson isn’t feeding the fire of the agency’s creative machine, he’s running. And we mean really running.

An ultrarunner, this year Pearson competed for the first time in the infamous Barkley Marathons.

The Barkley is the brainchild of Lazarus Lake, and it’s the world’s most secretive and difficult ultramarathon. It involves five circuits totaling more than 100 miles that only 15 (yes, 1–5) runners have ever completed. The race is full of quirks, some (almost?) sadistic and others literally just quirky: the starter’s horn is a conch shell. Yes, a conch shell — blown by Laz himself, who confirmed what the 2021 Barkley runners already knew: this year’s race was the toughest in the Barkley’s 36-year history.

Andy shared his experience of running the Barkley with the in-house blog for goodr Sunglasses: Goodr Times. Here is just one short, sweet, and hilarious take from Andy on what it feels like to take on the Barkley.

“Let me just say, you don’t want to run the Barkley,” said Pearson. “Actually, let me clarify, there is no running in the Barkley. There is only clawing your way up the side of a mountain and then subsequently falling down the other side of the mountain. And you don’t want to do that either. Trust me.”

Words to live (and run) by, certainly. No word yet, however, on how he plans to commute to McKinney’s new LA digs in West Adams — but it may not necessarily involve motor transport. You can read all about the good, the bad, and the gnarly of Andy’s first attempt at the Barkley here on Goodr Times. It’s highly recommended — check it out!