McKinney returns to the classroom at Duke

McKinney returns to the classroom at Duke

May 7, 2021

As the spring semester was winding down, McKinney once again made its way down the road (OK, virtually) to Duke to share our expertise and perspective with Dr. Cheryl Lin’s Marketing Management class for their semester-long project — something the agency has done for eight years now. This year, their projects focused on something we all have a stake in: COVID vaccination.

As teams of Dr Lin’s students turned their attention to getting shots in arms, their presentations focused on four critical aspects of the effort: surmounting barriers faced by lower income people in getting access to the vaccine, providing resources to encourage those who are misinformed about the vaccine to take the steps to get vaccinated, supporting the efforts of people who view it as their responsibility to get not only themselves vaccinated but others as well, and implementing efforts to get younger, healthier people — who perhaps see themselves as not at risk — to better understand the importance and impact of receiving the vaccine.

“These students blew us away with their insights and ideas,” said McKinney Managing Director Walt Barron. “And equally impressive was the professionalism in how they tackled this assignment despite all the barriers they faced. They found a way to conduct their own research, frame the problem, collaborate with each other, and present like pros — all remotely. I just wish the national and state departments of health could hear what Dr. Lin’s students have to say about how to get more people vaccinated.”

In addition to Barron, throughout the semester, the McKinney team providing feedback and expertise included Lexie Steentofte, Jenny Eastman, Sarah Kearney, and Kerry O’Connor. Needless to say, we look forward to our next collaboration with one of Dr. Lin’s classes when perhaps we can meet in person.