McKinney gives UNC students the real scoop on advertising

McKinney gives UNC students the real scoop on advertising

April 26, 2021

Last week, McKinney hosted, “Through the Looking Glass: An Unexpected Conversation,” with McKinneyites dispensing wisdom decidedly not found in textbooks on what it’s really like to work in advertising. And, while they were at it, our agency Carolina alums did a little reminiscing on their “glory days,” with McKinney Director of Strategy in Durham — and host for the evening — Cat Eagan even giving a shoutout to her freshman dorm (it was Carmichael, FYI).

The evening’s first panel covered everything McKinneyites wished they had known before they went looking for their first ad job and how they found out it was more than OK to inject a little personality into their resume. The truth is, agencies want candidates to bring their authentic best self to the table.  

Dovetailing with that was a discussion covering not just the typical agency jobs but others that might be unfamiliar to some — mostly because new roles seem to be invented almost daily. All of this led Creative Technologist Alec Kunkel to say at one point, “If it uses electricity, I get to touch it.”

Lastly, what’s college without pizza? The students were treated to a deep dive into our work for Little Caesars and the return of their beloved Pretzel Crust pizza as we rolled out our #UnlockPretzelCrust case study.

You can check out the video of the evening’s entire program as many times as you like right here.