Maglio discusses McKinney’s return to the office at Ragan workshop

Maglio discusses McKinney’s return to the office at Ragan workshop

April 20, 2021

McKinney CEO Joe Maglio took part in Ragan’s “Future of Work” event last week, where he shared his thoughts on what the workplace will look and feel like in a post-pandemic world, what it means for McKinney, and his perspective on what the physical workplace offers and how there’s really no substitute for a place where inspiration and creativity spark and ideas take flight.

In discussing McKinney’s thinking around returning to work, Maglio pointed out the importance of what the agency had done during the pandemic to communicate with its employees and position itself to be able to turn the key and go when the time was right: “I knew we were going to be OK, and that the work we did on behalf of our clients and our people had paid off and been the right work.”

And he stressed that constant communication was key: “We made sure to communicate things not once but three or four times. What once was a weekly email is now a virtual all-agency meeting, where we celebrate our work and our people. In the past we underutilized our intranet, so we’re great at using that tool now. And, of course, we have Slack, and we customized it to the needs of McKinney employees and that has worked incredibly well.” Maglio went on to add, “In other changes, we have mandatory unlimited PTO because we acknowledge burnout is a very real thing.”

And now, Maglio has his eye on the future as McKinney prepares to reopen its offices. He believes while much has changed in our world, we’re going to go back to doing what we do in the best way possible to achieve results.

“For us, it’s never been about work schedules and dress codes. People do what they need to do. Some people need to put on headphones for a few hours to get it done. Some go to a bar,” said Maglio. “So we will remind people that our hybrid model has worked for 52 years and that will continue. I will say we need first person collaboration. We need to stand in front of a clean white wall and make something out of it. That is the creative process.  Being in a space together is motivating and energizing. We do our best work when we are together.”