CSO Dadlani talks ‘chicken sandwich wars’ in Ad Age

CSO Dadlani talks ‘chicken sandwich wars’ in Ad Age

April 16, 2021

McKinney CSO Jasmine Dadlani spoke with Ad Age about the ongoing QSR chicken wars. She laid out three things brands are doing right on that battlefront.

1. Chick-fil-A didn’t panic when other brands jumped in, staying the course with its original recipe and relying on what they do right.

2. Building on that, Dadlani observed that all the chicken warriors were smart to rely on their brand equity, bringing what they do (and serve) best to the party.

3. Speaking of the party: Dadlani notes that just because you’re not the first one to show up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Just bring something nice and be sociable. As Dadlani says, “Don’t shy away just because somebody owns the conversation from the start”

If you want to learn more about Dadlani’s perspective on all things food and beverage, check out the McKinney’s 2021 Food Trends report that she and her team put together. It discusses everything from gamer fuel to the internet of food and more as it examines 16 trends in all.

And you can read more notes from the ‘chicken sandwich war’ front here in Ad Age.