McKinney Unveils 2021 Food Trends Report

McKinney Unveils 2021 Food Trends Report

March 22, 2021

McKinney has released its 2021 Food Trends report. This year, the annual report identifies the trends marketers and food industry insiders alike should be aware of and better understand as the country begins to move beyond a pandemic mindset.

The 2021 Food Trends report was recently featured in Ad Age — where you can read about everything from seasoned worms to vertical farms, personalized nutrition bars, and more.

McKinney Chief Strategy Officer Jasmine Dadlani sees “Getting Primal” as the macro trend to watch as we emerge from the pandemic. In addition to the overarching implications of “Getting Primal,” Dadlani and her team at McKinney have identified 16 trends brands should monitor in the agency’s annual Food Trends report.

“After studying food trends for the past decade, one thing has remained consistent: Our plates are a crystal ball for what’s going to happen in the world around us,” said Dadlani. “Our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, values, our behaviors — all are reflected in our food and beverage choices. So, what I love about diving into this space is that any brand, regardless of sector, can uncover potential opportunities by understanding what is happening in food.”

As part of the rollout of the report, Dadlani will take part in the Ad Age Next: Food and Beverage panel on Tuesday, March 23. There she’ll join in the discussion on how food and beverage brands — as well as marketers outside the category — can thrive in the year ahead.

To provide marketers and food industry insiders alike a taste of what’s to come as we move through 2021, McKinney has set up a sneak preview of their Food Trends report, where readers can learn about just four of the trends across categories including wellness, technology, culture, and social responsibility. Visitors to the microsite will also be able to schedule a complimentary Food and Beverage Trends workshop with McKinney, where they can learn more about all 16 of the trends identified in this year’s report.

The Ad Age Now: Food and Beverage kicks off at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, March 23. For more information, the full agenda, and to purchase your tickets to this virtual event, click here.