‘Big Pizza’ — our latest work for Little Caesars

‘Big Pizza’ — our latest work for Little Caesars

January 4, 2021

McKinney’s new campaign for Little Caesars once again champions their customers with its portrayal of “Big Pizza,” the antithesis of everything Little Caesars stands up for and believes in, which is great taste, great value and, most of all, pizza lovers and their families.

The campaign rolls out today with the TV spot “Bad Day at Big Pizza,” which, with the humorous winks and nods Little Caesars is known for, brings to life an alternative pizza-verse where all that matters is cutting corners and padding the bottom line. The spot is just the beginning of a campaign that will live and breathe in true 360-degree fashion, encompassing social — both straight-ahead and stunty — merch, activations, and more. The breaking work follows on the heels of last year’s Super Bowl spot — our work for Little Caesars first-ever appearance in the Big Game.

“This campaign is a great opportunity for Little Caesars,” said McKinney Chief Creative Officer Jonathan Cude. “It demonstrates all the things they are — and are not — while taking a little air out of the tires of the competition. The power in the brand is that they understand the role they play in their customers’ lives and that allows us to have a lot of fun and help sell a lot of pizza. The best of both worlds.” 

You can read more about “Bad Day at Big Pizza,” and listen to the Ad Age Marketer’s Brief podcast featuring Little Caesars CMO Jeff Klein here at AdAge.com.