Sue Roche solves problems in The Drum

Sue Roche solves problems in The Drum

December 9, 2020

McKinney Chief Talent Officer Sue Roche joined other industry and brand leaders in the latest installment of The Drum’s ongoing series, “How Do You Solve a Problem Like…?”

This time, the question was: “How do you solve a problem like… supporting your team’s mental health?” Sue laid out what she and the McKinney EMEX team have done to make sure McKinneyites had the resources and support they needed to weather a 2020 that, to say the least, has been a challenge.

How do you solve a problem like… supporting your team’s mental health?

Sue Roche: The pandemic caused “work” and “home” to become inextricably intertwined, so we pivoted, shifting and stepping up our EMEX team’s efforts, making sure our people (and their families) had everything needed to stay healthy and happy while working from home.

This includes everything from free-to-employee counseling, a kids’ storytime via Zoom that creates moments of joy (hopefully making working/parenting a little easier), virtual cocktails or coffee with our CEO Joe Maglio, as well as McKinney Mixers: where we created an algorithm that links employees with similar interests so they can enjoy after-hours get-togethers. And we make sure to celebrate employee milestones — everything from marriages to new homes, or even a new puppy. All little things that add up to a lot. Basically, we want our employees to know our EMEX team is with them every step of the way.

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