Sylvain Tron talks Reddit, “Child’s Play” in Ad Age

Sylvain Tron talks Reddit, “Child’s Play” in Ad Age

December 7, 2020

McKinney LA Managing Director Sylvain Tron talked with Ad Age recently, discussing the inroads Reddit is making with brands, and how McKinney’s work on the Orion Pictures reboot of the ‘80s horror classic “Child’s Play” was able to capitalize on that for our client.

“It was great working with Reddit,” Tron said. “Our client’s aspirations really aligned with what Reddit had to offer from a community standpoint.”

The evil Chucky Reddit chatbot we created to hype the film leaned into the inherent nature of Reddit, receiving more than 40,000 comments and making it one of Reddit’s top-performing campaigns ever.

You can read more about Reddit and what Tron had to say here in Ad Age.