The sweet, smooth sounds of democracy in action

The sweet, smooth sounds of democracy in action

October 29, 2020

The country is consumed with the ongoing election right now. But what’s been missing in the political process — and what we could all use — is a little serenity. That’s where “Voting Day-SMR!” comes in.

McKinney created “Voting Day-SMR!” — a shivery, whispery idea with the aim of getting people to the polls by enticing them with centering susurrations, not bull-horned shouting. The idea being to communicate the pleasing sensations voting itself provides — because not only should we all be voting but we should feel damn good about doing our democratic best in the process.

“Voting Day-SMR!” features a YouTube pre-roll video, “Voting Still Feels Really, Really Good,” which describes the sweet sensations of voting and plays into the popular AMSR videos that seek to soothe people’s feelings of stress or just help them coast off to sleep without counting sheep. Then we created a “Voting Day-SMR!” Spotify album with softer-than-yacht-rock “hits” (whispering can only rock so hard), including titles like “Ballot with Butterfly Wings,” “Vote and Tell,” and “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Voter.”

Coined by Jennifer Allen in 2010, ASMR stands Auto Sensory Meridian Response, and it describes the brain-tingling sensations that are hard to describe but you know them when you feel them. And when it comes to voting, “Voting Day-SMR!” lets you experience all the glory — and the warm fuzzy feeling — of having your voice heard and vote counted. Feel you at the polls!