McKinney’s “Welcome to the Shit Show” was anything but

McKinney’s “Welcome to the Shit Show” was anything but

October 8, 2020

On Tuesday, Advertising Week was treated to the best kind of shit show: a panel featuring McKinney’s directors of strategy from our three offices: Jasmine Dadlani, Cat Eagan, and Anita Schillhorn. They packed four waves of ongoing research and tons of insight into just 25 minutes during “Welcome to the Shit Show,” while also answering questions from Advertising Week attendees.

Here’s just a few of the points they discussed to offer marketers ways to pivot and move forward in Q4:

– Brands need to find ways to make consumers feel just 10 percent better in small and meaningful ways to win over consumers and galvanize loyalists.

– Q4 is called a shit show for a reason — times are bleak. But that’s where brands that “really get” people’s feelings of being restricted, conflicted, and overwhelmed can thrive.

– Brands shouldn’t forget the pragmatic side: Retailers should find ways to alleviate the conflict people feel in wanting to support brands true to their beliefs but also seeking value to help protect their families in this time of uncertainty.  

You can still catch the panel over the next month on the Advertising Week site. To read more about our strategists’ perspective on McKinney’s ongoing research, “Consumer Sentiment in the Time of Covid,” you can request a copy of “Q4: Where Do We Go from Here?” And be sure to check back on on 11/8, where we’ll be offering “Welcome to the Shit Show” for your viewing pleasure.