McKinney breaks new work for ESPN’s ACC Network

McKinney breaks new work for ESPN’s ACC Network

September 14, 2020

Football was back this weekend — and so was McKinney’s partnership with ESPN. This time with the ACC Network and its “Football Returns” spot, which will serve as the network’s showpiece throughout the year.  The campaign will also roll out radio, social, and digital to keep fans engaged all season long.  

Building on last year’s debut of the “We Do This” campaign, the work plays into the diversity of the ACC: from its schools, cultures, and traditions to its diversity of geography and weather. All of this is manifested in what fans across the conference know, love, and expect: excellence on the field of play, which is encapsulated perfectly with the statement, “It’s not where we come from. It’s what we come to do.” 

In addition to the campaign work for the ACC Network, ESPN will debut several spots, social, and digital work for two of the network’s mainstay shows: Packer & Durham and The Huddle. These two shows stoke the passion ACC fans have for their conference — whether it’s throughout the week with Packer & Durham or the gameday deep dives provided by The Huddle.

McKinney’s partnership with ESPN doesn’t stop with the ACC Network. “Football Returns” is the first work by McKinney for the ACC Network since being named ESPN’s College Sports agency earlier this year. In this expanded role, McKinney now serves as ESPN’s agency across the College Football Playoff, the SEC Network, the ACC Network, and NCAA sports.