Looking at Durham through a different lens

Looking at Durham through a different lens

August 21, 2020

The Durham Off the Beaten Path Photo Contest was created to showcase the complexity, diversity, and only-in-Durham qualities of the Bull City. And, in the process, it provides a digital connection with the community Durhamites have been missing (and craving) in the midst of the pandemic.

The contest received almost 200 entries, including from a couple of McKinneyites: Senior Producer Nick Brenton (IG: @bullcityaerial) and Art Director Shealah Cocherell (IG: @ssshealha). Cocherell, who is relatively new to McKinney, found it to be a great way to flex some different creative muscles while getting to know her new hometown.

“When you move to a new city during a pandemic, getting to know your new environment can be…challenging,” said Cocherell. “I had an old camera lying around and, after 12 weeks of quarantine, I decided to explore the city from a new perspective. Turns out photography is a great hobby to pick up during quarantine as you spend a great deal of time alone and you begin to notice interesting features of your surroundings that you had overlooked or never noticed.”

Voting in the contest is open through September 6, and you can vote for up to three photos a day. So take a look at some amazing photography and get clicking on those snaps!

Photo credits: Nick Brenton/@bullcityaerial (L); Shealah Cocherell/@ssshealah (R)