Bull City pride drives McKinney’s new campaign

Bull City pride drives McKinney’s new campaign

July 15, 2020

We joined forces with the City of Durham and Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight to create “Let’s Get Back on the Bull” — a campaign designed to help Durham reopen safely. It merges science-backed best practices to keep everyone safe with a rallying cry to unite the community. And it’s already paying off, with the likes of Bloomberg Cities and Best Ads taking notice and talking up the campaign.

“It was about distilling a lot of research and information into something that could be simple, memorable, and really motivating for the people of Durham,” said Senior Strategist Kerry O’Connor. The creative strategy behind this campaign was centered around behavioral science research conducted by the Center for Advanced Hindsight.

The campaign provides an online checklist tool with guidelines for businesses in a variety of industries to reopen safely as well as materials to prominently display the new safety measures, all under the rallying cry of getting back on the bull. The campaign website contains all the information that Durhamites, visitors, stakeholders, and business owners will need as people continue to venture out more and more into the city.

Durham’s beloved bull, the embodiment of the city’s spirit, is the star of this show. As a unifying figure that people love to rally behind, the bull signifies that we are all fighting for the same cause. The call to action — getting back on the bull — leans into the resilience of Durhamites. Everyone wants to dust themselves off and do what is needed to protect the city and each other.

“Before we show residents and business owners what we are asking them to do, we need to motivate them to want to take action,” said Chief Strategy Officer Walt Barron. “We saw an opportunity to tap into our shared pride in Durham, because if you are a Durhamite, you love the city and will do your part to fight for it.”

As an agency full of Durham-proud employees, our team already understood the gritty spirit of the city and the will to persevere. That drive to do right by one another for the place we call home is the uniting force behind the campaign to get back on the bull.