Sylvain Tron: Rethinking the film marketing experience

Sylvain Tron: Rethinking the film marketing experience

July 7, 2020

McKinney LA Managing Director Sylvain Tron wrote about the future of movie marketing in Muse by Clio. In his article, “This Summer and Beyond: Rethinking the Film Marketing Experience,” Tron addresses the impact of COVID-19 on the movie industry and points the way forward for moviemakers and film marketers as they seek to promote films and connect in new ways with moviegoers. 

Tron lays out his thinking, pointing out that a lot of the ways he proposes to connect with film lovers, aficionados, and audiences were already there for the taking. But it took the coronavirus pandemic to shine a new light on them. 

He touches on everything from shifting media spend to leverage digital efforts to Josh Gad’s “Reunited Apart” and the Russo Brothers Film School to McKinney’s latest effort for the Picturehouse feature, “Fatima.”

You can read everything Tron has to say here on Muse by Clio.