McKinney releases Wave 2 of Consumer Sentiment Study

McKinney releases Wave 2 of Consumer Sentiment Study

July 1, 2020

In May, McKinney released research it fielded examining what people were thinking and feeling about the impact of COVID-19 as the U.S. began to “reopen.” McKinney CEO Joe Maglio discussed those findings in an ANA Daily Drop webinar: “The Next 6 Weeks for the Next 6 Months.” 

We have now fielded and released “McKinney Consumer Sentiment Study Wave 2,” which you can download here. It takes in-depth look at areas of concern for consumers as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, and how things break down around factors such as age, political beliefs, ethnicity, geographic regions, and family makeup.

The research uncovered three key implications:

1. In a state of uncertainty, brand trust has never been more critical

2. As time goes on, there will be an increasing variance in perspectives

3. A potential “second wave” of COVID-19 will be viewed differently than the first