McKinney welcomes 17 Mterns — a virtual full house

McKinney welcomes 17 Mterns — a virtual full house

June 24, 2020

Sarah Bellinger

This summer certainly isn’t what any of our Mterns were expecting. Spread out across the continent from Canada to Nevada and Maryland to North Carolina, all 17 of this summer’s Mterns are embarking together on a journey to uncharted territories. Some are dog lovers, soccer players, artists, and movie lovers, but they’re all in the same boat. You can take a look at the entire crew in a video that captures these wonderful personalities.

While many other internships across the country were canceled, these Mterns are working remotely and learning to adjust to a new style of work. Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances, the Mterns are coming at it with equal parts optimism and excitement. “I feel so grateful that during these circumstances I’m still able to use this summer to learn and grow,” said Isabel Hewgley, an Account Management Mtern, expressing a sentiment echoed by her peers. “We have the incredible opportunity to learn from McKinney’s culture, people, and brands this summer,” said Strategy Mtern Alyssa Fea.

How are they doing it? Lots of Zoom meetings, lots of determination, and a whole lot of support from McKinneyites. “I feel like I have such a great support system around me despite the barrier of distance,” said Natalia McElrath, a Technology Mtern. Even though they may not be in an office with their managers and co-workers, Mterns still have the dedicated support of the agency online. “Seeing that everyone is welcoming us with open arms and helping us to adjust to this Zoom lifestyle is encouraging,” said Palace Jones, a Studio Mtern.

Catalina Pinto, an Account Management Mtern, was named a 4A’s MAIP intern this summer. “I was expecting to sail some rocky waters, but the program so far has been really great and it’s 100% because the people at McKinney are super supportive and invested in my learning and growth,” said Catalina. We are thrilled to welcome her as our 12th MAIP intern, as we start to build a legacy of multicultural talent at McKinney.

With virtual happy hours and instant messaging replacing in-person bonding, our summer Mtern class is adapting to the changes that are making this internship quite the unique experience. Even though they’re working on different projects in different states (and even different countries), they’re all sharing an experience that will stay with them long after summer turns to fall and they embark on their next adventures.