Swap Patel discusses new ways of working during COVID-19

Swap Patel discusses new ways of working during COVID-19

June 12, 2020

Last week, McKinney’s Executive Director of Media Swap Patel took part in the 4A’s webinar, “The Future of Media and Agency Operations in a Post COVID-19 World,” as part of their “Business as Unusual” webinar series.

Patel and the other panelists discussed the disruption caused by COVID-19 across the media landscape as well as its impact industry-wide — both operationally and financially. And they addressed questions and issues ranging from changes to and flexibility regarding media spend and which adjustments to the challenges we’ve faced as an industry will ultimately emerge as best practices. The panelists also offered their thoughts on who they believe will emerge as winners in a post-COVID world.

As part of the discussion, Patel offered his thinking on flexibility becoming an additional currency in the world of media, “It’s really about partnership and the long view,” said Patel. “It’s an unprecedented time, and that’s what we’re working through.”

 And he also offered a rather optimistic view as to who might emerge as winners as agencies and brands find ways to speed innovations to market — pivoting to customized solutions for shoppers, both in the real word and online, being just one — as fast-tracking becomes the norm.. “We’re all potentially coming out of this is as winners, because as agencies we’re always trying to push clients to think about innovation — and sometimes it’s clients pushing us. But this has forced all of us to do this.”

 If you missed the webinar, you’re in luck. It’s available for viewing here on the 4A’s website.