Cude to Duke and UNC ad students: Let values be your guide

Cude to Duke and UNC ad students: Let values be your guide

May 8, 2020

For Duke and UNC students, this was supposed to be graduation weekend, a celebration marking four years of shared experiences, fast friendships, and hard work. Instead, online observances are the norm and will have to suffice.

Just before the spring semester drew to a close, McKinney Chief Creative Officer Jonathan Cude taught a marketing class at Duke and a class in advertising and public relations at UNC — both via Zoom, of course — discussing, among other things, the state of the industry, McKinney’s recent work, and the importance of placing an emphasis on a company’s values when making career choices.

During the class at Duke, he highlighted our Super Bowl campaign for Little Caesars as well as touching on recent efforts seeking to create peace of mind for pizza lovers in the midst of the pandemic unease. But it got really interesting when he took questions from the class.

Asked about advertising still being a viable pursuit, given the diminished marketing budgets and industry layoffs — as well as general apprehension — due to the pandemic, he answered, as he often does, from the heart:

“I empathize. This is a pretty interesting time to be alive and to live through. We are going to get through this but will be a different world than the one we left just a few short weeks ago,” said Cude. “If you think you’ve found an agency you’d like to work for, it’s important to understand what they stand for. I tell brands that when it’s time to select an agency, they want one that is smart and creative, but their values have to align with yours. And I would say that’s a good way forward when choosing your career path.