McKinney in the Classroom at Duke

McKinney in the Classroom at Duke

May 7, 2020

This weekend at Duke would have been filled with graduation merriment and hugs all around. Instead, online observances will provide a bittersweet coda to one long, strange trip of a semester.

And while McKinney and the undergrad students in Dr. Cheryl Lin’s Introduction to Marketing class didn’t have a graduation date circled on their calendars, they did partner for a semester-long mentoring project, culminating with final presentations via, you guessed it, Zoom.

Each of four groups of Duke students were tasked with developing a marketing plan for Seal the Seasons, a Chapel Hill–based startup whose mission is to create a more localized food system by getting local frozen produce on every aisle of the grocery store year-round, while also helping provide small family farms with a reliable income stream.

“I was extremely impressed with the work done by Dr. Lin’s students, said McKinney Media Supervisor Jennie Eastman. “They not only had to complete their projects under very bizarre circumstances but brought really smart thinking to the table. Their presentations were robust, with strategic insights and unique activations, and it was a joy to see the final product after consulting with them along the way.”

And all the hard work put in by Dr. Lin’s students wasn’t lost on the client, either. “Seeing the consumer research, marketing and media strategies come together for Seal the Seasons has been surreal for me,” said the company’s Co-Founder and COO Alex Piasecki. “I am just five years removed from being a student and I never could have imagined preparing that quality of presentation (not to mention during a generational pandemic) nor having my company be the subject of such a comprehensive project.”