Story Time is keeping McKinney together

Story Time is keeping McKinney together

March 26, 2020

How are we dealing with working remotely and social distancing here at McKinney? One way we’re closing the gap, making parenting a little easier, and finding a way to stay connected in this strange, new coronavirus world is the creation of a daily McKinney Hearts and Smarts Story Time.

Delivered via Zoom for a half hour each afternoon, McKinneyites are taking turns reading their favorites to young and old alike. Whether it’s with tried-and-true straight-ahead renditions, a customized tale featuring a McKinney fur baby, or an amazing performance of Pamela Harrington’s “Princess Delaynie the Dinosaur” by Project Manager Ashley Bovard —replete with four separate character voices — all of the stories are from, and connect with, the heart.

“We’re all adjusting as we’re pulled away from our communities,” said Director of Employee Experience Elanah Abrams. “McKinney is a tight-knit community, we watch our ‘kids’ grow. We support our parents along their journey. We also have a lot of folks who are kids at heart. And advertising is really about telling a great story. Story Time came about as a way to share stories and support each other while apart.”

What’s on the horizon for McKinney’s Hearts and Smarts Story Time? Word on Zoom is a ukulele performance is headed our way. And, next week, CEO Joe Maglio dips his toes into the world of storytelling. No word yet if his performance will involve multiple character voices.