McKinney’s Shady Sam makes LIA Shortlist

McKinney’s Shady Sam makes LIA Shortlist

October 30, 2019

Shady Sam, one of our latest game creations for Next Gen Personal Finance, has made the London International Awards Digital shortlist.

The game takes on predatory lending practices, where folks, finding themselves caught short, will often rely on high-interest loans without fully understanding the implications of things like compound interest. But, this time, the game flips the expected script, putting players in cahoots with — not at the mercy of — a sleazy loan shark, the aforementioned Shady Sam, and it does so in all of its oddly engaging 8-bit splendor.

The game is one of the most recent in a suite of games we’ve created for Next Gen Personal Finance that includes Payback, which helps students understand what college really costs and how they can better understand the intricacies and pitfalls in budgeting for higher education, and Credit Clash, where players build empires while trying to ruin their AI opponent, all in the name of teaching students the importance and benefits of building and fortifying their credit scores.   

LIA will announce the winners on Monday, November 4th.