Next Gen Personal Finance and McKinney create Credit Clash

Next Gen Personal Finance and McKinney create Credit Clash

October 17, 2019

You can teach kids the ins and outs of credit scores, one boring point at a time.

Or you can invite them to play Credit Clash, where they build an empire while trying to utterly destroy their AI opponent.

Credit Clash is the latest in a suite of games McKinney has developed with Next Gen Personal Finance that take an unorthodox approach to teaching financial literacy to teens.

It’s a card-based game where a player has to make payments, take out loans, and survive the ups and downs that life brings. Along the way, they can serve up Clash Cards that make life tougher for their AI opponent. But the AI knows how to wield a Clash Card, too! Win by reaching a credit score of 850 or by knocking the computer down to 300.

It’s a game designed to teach students to think strategically. To be successful, players must balance long-term wealth building with short-term liquidity and, of course, be willing to wage some cutthroat battles. The competitive nature of the game is part of its attraction.

McKinney Group Creative Director Jenny Nicholson thinks the team has cracked the code on learning games. “We don’t start by asking, ‘What do they need to know?’” she says. “We start by asking, ‘Why would they care?’ Once you get that right, the learning comes naturally.”

To watch a primer on how Credit Clash is played, you can head over to Next Gen’s YouTube page, where their CEO Tim Ranzetta gives prospective players an idea of how the game works.