The ABCs of Jade Song

The ABCs of Jade Song

August 12, 2019

Creatives can’t always rely on versioning out banners in 50 kajillion different sizes for inspiration. Case in point: McKinney art director Jade Song’s most recent creative exploration took the form of a book she designed, illustrated, and wrote, called “ABCs for ABCs” (or The Alphabet for American Born Chinese). It’s an illustrated book that uses every letter of the alphabet to commemorate moments and people in Chinese American history.

The book is a passion project for Song, one that came out of her yearning for self-discovery as an American Born Chinese (ABC). She wanted to know more about her heritage, but she also wanted to give all people — whether they were of Chinese descent or just curious — a better understanding of the rich history of Chinese Americans.

Song also intends the book as a way to better understand the complexity of prejudice in America. So, to her way of thinking, this is a book for everyone, not just American Born Chinese.

“I learned so much making this book,” said Song. “I hope this book can educate others through stories about ABCs and other Asian Americans, too.”

The book, slated for a November release, is in its final stages of preparation. You can read more about how Song plans to get it in the hands of readers here.