This World Emoji Day is all about McKmojis - McKinney

This World Emoji Day is all about McKmojis

July 17, 2019

“Very random question, but at McKinney, do we have — or have we ever had — our own emoji? Like one that uses our logo?”

“No. You need it? That could be a fun project.”

And that’s how the McKmoji was born!

To celebrate World Emoji Day, we thought it would be fun to put our own spin on the iconic images using the McKinney logo. First, we looked at a list of the smiley emojis and decided which ones we wanted to replicate. Then, our studio intern Christina Kim and presentation designer Nick Cook got to work, eventually creating more than 40 McKmojis. After that, we uploaded them to Slack and Giphy for digital use, and we created McKmoji masks that McKinneyites could play with offline. The last piece of the McKmoji debut was the creation of the McKmoji wall in our Durham office.

All that’s left to do now is to decide which McKmoji is our favorite.