Joe Maglio: Creativity can defeat an army - McKinney

Joe Maglio: Creativity can defeat an army

April 17, 2019

McKinney CEO Joe Maglio spoke at Day 1 of the 4A’s Management Practitioners Forum in Chicago during the “Agency Business Models and Models of the Future” panel, sharing the stage with Jacqui Hartnett of Starmark International, Jim Nash of Marcus Thomas, and Matt Walsh of Green Stone.

Maglio made it clear that creativity, technology and storytelling need to be embraced and employed strategically in creating brand experiences that exceed expectations. In addition to echoing the sentiments of agency founder Chick McKinney on the power of creativity, Maglio pointed out what modern agencies must do to unleash the potential in brands and flourish in advertising’s evolving landscape: “The ability to tell a story around an entire brand experience, that’s the critical piece and that’s how we win.”