Janet Northen at UNC: “Be on Fire” - McKinney

Janet Northen at UNC: “Be on Fire”

April 1, 2019

Agency Communications Director Janet Northen woke up the house at Carolina during the Next World Media Symposium held at the UNC School of Media and Journalism. In talking about a role she invented — using strategic communications to build an agency brand, something she did at The Martin Agency and Fallon before coming to McKinney — Northen outlined the ways she works to get McKinney top of mind and on tips of tongues of key industry decision makers, all with the aim of growing the agency.

Speaking among other leading public relations gurus, Northen definitely played to the house, making sure that every time she pointed out ways she helps McKinney show up in the world it was coupled with shots of Carolina grads — who seem to appear more often than Forrest Gump as they make waves in the worlds of marketing and advertising.

In the end, like any good PR person, she made it clear to the students in the house that they had to live, eat and breathe their marketing passion if they were planning on making a difference while making a splash.