On “Marketing Today” this week, Alan Hart talked with David Rubin, chief marketing officer at The New York Times.

Rubin’s career had an unconventional start for a marketer: It began in the world of politics, where he spent two years working on Capitol Hill for a Milwaukee congressman and two years in the Treasury Department during the Clinton administration. After that, marketing beckoned. He spent 13 years at Unilever, where helped launch the Axe body spray brand, and two years at Pinterest heading up global branding before he landed at The New York Times.

In the course of his discussion with Alan, Rubin talks about the shift in The New York Times business model and the paper’s “The Truth Is Hard” campaign, as well as the way he views its mission. Says Rubin, “We seek the truth, and we help people understand the world.”

You can hear Alan’s entire conversation with David Rubin here on MediaPost.