McKinney racks up a half dozen Effie finalists - McKinney

McKinney racks up a half dozen Effie finalists

March 6, 2019

Effective advertising does pay off. This year, McKinney has six Effie finalists for three different clients. Our “Make Your Space” campaign for Corian Design is a finalist in both the Renaissance and Small Budgets categories and our Ad Council campaign, “No One Gets a Diploma Alone,” is a finalist in Multicultural & Lifestyle Segments category. In addition, our “Getting Greenie” work for CarMax hit the trifecta: It was named a finalist in Branded Content, Influencers, and Carpe Diem.

“The story is,” said McKinney Chairman Brad Brinegar, “that now Effie has recognized McKinney 105 times over the past 17 years, across 25 different categories. That’s an average of over six per year.”

We’ll see if McKinney seizes the day when the victorious are celebrated in New York on May 30.