The IAB’s Randall Rothenberg visits McKinney - McKinney

The IAB’s Randall Rothenberg visits McKinney

February 22, 2019

At the invitation of McKinney Chairman Brad Brinegar, Randall Rothenberg, CEO of the IAB, stopped by McKinney to deliver a talk on his organization’s direct brand report: “How to Build a 21st Century Brand.” Rothenberg was among the first marketing leaders to take note of the Direct Brand Economy and is considered a leading expert on the direct brand ecosystem.

During his 90-minute talk, Rothenberg shifted between the report itself and the many questions it elicited from his McKinney audience. Along the way, he outlined the shift from the opacity of the old Indirect Brand Economy to the new Direct Brand Economy, where value is extracted through the direct relationship between disruptor brands and the consumer.

Among the many points he made, Rothenberg touched on the characteristics of direct brands, his recommendations for competing in the new Direct Brand Economy, and how it might well be true that we’ll see shorter brand life cycles, given the inherent nature of the world in which these disruptive brands compete.