Jenny Nicholson: “What’s inspiring me” - McKinney

Jenny Nicholson: “What’s inspiring me”

February 15, 2019

Jenny Nicholson, a group creative director here at McKinney, has been cooking up emails to share with her clients for some time now. The emails, which are simply titled “What’s Inspiring Me,” reveal just that — things she finds that stoke her creative engine. And now she’s opening them up for broader consumption.

“Just over a year ago,” says Nicholson, “I realized that I get very few chances to talk with my clients about creativity outside the context of our shared work, brand, and category. So I started a weekly(ish!) email where I share with them some of the cool things that have been inspiring me. After a lot of requests, I’m making it public. I hope it inspires you a little bit too.

To see for yourself what’s inspiring Jenny, just click here to subscribe, and you can check out a sample email here.