McKinney creatives make the cut at Screamfest - McKinney

McKinney creatives make the cut at Screamfest

September 21, 2018

Creative minds are always churning here at McKinney. ACDs David Sloan and Jordan Eakin (aka “Sleakin”) and Senior Producer Nick Brenton are prime examples. Their short film, “Meet You In The Parking Lot,” is set to premiere at this year’s Screamfest, October 9–18 in Hollywood.

The nine-minute film takes place in, no surprise, a parking lot, as two friends consult a battered Mead notebook to conjure up their future selves. By design, the film leaves questions unanswered rather than resolved, evoking equal measures of foreboding and curiosity for the viewer.

“We learned so much about the filmmaking process and formed great relationships with people across the industry while making spots for our McKinney clients,” says Sloan. “That was absolutely crucial as we set out to make something of our own. From scripting to casting to tech scouts to shooting boards, and even craft services, we were able to approach our first project with (perhaps a little too much) confidence thanks to what we’ve learned and who we’ve gotten to know.”

“Meet You In The Parking Lot” is on the festival circuit, so if you can’t make it to Screamfest, keep an eye out for it at a festival near you.