Alan Hart, managing partner of ATOMCK, a marketing consultancy housed inside McKinney, has just written an article for Adweek. In it, he discusses ways modern marketers can not only succeed but thrive in today’s rapidly transforming retail world. “To succeed in retail,” says Hart, “means evolving through innovation, smart marketing, and working with strategic partners.”

To make his case, Hart highlights the perspectives of three leading marketers — Craig Rowley of REI, Doug Zarkin of Pearle Vision, and Scott Mueller of Shopchology — who talk about the importance of providing experiences for consumers, connecting with communities, and the continuing utilization of data.

For Hart, the belief that retail is headed for extinction is far from true. “As John Costello points out,” says Hart, “’Retail isn’t dead, just boring retail.’ If marketers embrace change and keep pushing the boundaries of what retail can be, I think the possibilities are endless.”