On Monday, ACD Jordan Eakin and Account Manager Zach Kohn traveled to the University of North Carolina to speak to a group of military communications specialists. The conversation focused on the Super Bowl spot McKinney created for our client, Blacture, and the planning and preparation that went into it — before, during, and after the big game.

The event, sponsored by the UNC School of Media and Journalism and the Institute for Defense and Business, was designed to allow the specialists to take a step back from their military training to learn and better understand how other sectors handle strategic communications, including social media monitoring and listening.

While no security clearances were needed, the conversation was spirited. The communications crew responded with incisive and intriguing questions regarding McKinney’s efforts for Blacture, as Eakin and Kohn discussed, among other things, the way McKinney sets up its “war room” operations for a big media event like the Blacture launch.

“It was a treat to have the opportunity to share our knowledge about marketing and social media with such an eager audience,” said Kohn. “The group’s surprising and insightful questions about the Blacture launch strategy led to a fun and engaging afternoon in Chapel Hill.”