2018 Summer Mterns: Our Genies in a Bottle - McKinney

2018 Summer Mterns: Our Genies in a Bottle

August 15, 2018

Imagine having not just one genie but a whole squadron of genies. Think of all those wishes! The catch in this tale is that the genies can only be with you for 10 weeks before they move onto their next enchanted realm. And then — poof! — they’re gone.

Well, that’s how we feel about our Mterns as they leave us. They’ve made our lives easier, better, richer. Absolutely magical, really. They energized the office with vibrancy, fresh perspective, and dedication as they attacked any task thrown their way. But now we have to let them go.

From day one, their time has been filled with mind-blowing work and incredible contributions. And still they found time for downtown scavenger hunts, Durham Bulls games, transforming our Pub Thursday into a campground, and happy hours at Ponysaurus.

And they capped everything off with a dynamite project: a revamp and rebrand of the agency’s Mtern website. Weeks of research, meetings and brainstorming created a site that’s sure to attract and inspire applicants who’ll join us in the future. We’ll launch it soon.

But now it’s time to say so long. Before they go, we just want to shine some light on our Mtern stars. Check them out on their social platforms before they stop returning calls. CEOs, Clio winners, and celebrities get pretty busy, you know.

Paul Atienza –– Account Management

Evan Bigley –– Project Management

Isabela Zawistowska –– Business Development

Justin Brodie –– Content Production (Broadcast)

Chase Condrone –– Creative (Copywriter)

Geena San Miguel –– Strategy

Nick Cook –– Studio

Zoe Tang –– Account Management

Jacob Hege –– Content Production (Interactive)

Bradley Johnson –– Talent Management

James Lee –– Experiential Marketing

David Ligon –– Strategy

Connor Luckey-Smith –– Media

Nijah McKinney –– Agency Communications

Dakota Ward –– Creative (Art Director)