Our 2018 Mterns: First class all the way - McKinney

Our 2018 Mterns: First class all the way

July 27, 2018

Throughout the history of our 20-year internship program, we think all our Mterns have been pretty special. But this year’s class has raised the bar by establishing a number of “firsts.”

What comes to mind first is their geographic diversity — they’re from all over the place. From the Pacific Northwest to South Korea and then back over to our home in the Carolinas, they’ve made their way to McKinney. And that’s not where their diversity ends: They’re “all over the map” when it comes to age, nationality, gender and race, too.

This diversity only seems natural since we’ve again awarded the Joni Madison Diversity Scholarship — but this is the first year we’ve named two recipients. Nijah McKinney, our Agency Communications Mtern, and Jacob Hege, our Interactive Content Production Mtern, are this year’s scholars.

And while, over the years, we’ve had Mterns from all walks of life, we’ve never had one who is a military veteran –– until now. Brad Johnson, working with our Talent Management team this summer, served in the U. S. Navy for nearly eight years before arriving at McKinney –– marking another “first” for this Mtern class.

And finally — while tenth isn’t first, obviously — McKinney having its tenth MAIP scholar this year seems pretty sensational, and that would be Geena San Miguel, our Strategy Mtern, working out of our New York office.

This group has certainly set a few records in their time at McKinney, and we don’t doubt they’ll continue to rack up more “firsts” as they take the world by storm after they leave us.