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GCD Lyle Yetman: Grip it and Rip it

June 18, 2018

There’s something to be said for just making something in the moment. In having an idea and executing it with immediacy. Most of the time, the act of creating something in our business takes months. It’s an exercise in patience, endurance, and rounds of revisions, rewrites and restarts. I think that’s why there’s such a thrill in creating quickly; it tickles a part of our creative process that doesn’t always get a lot of tickles.

Thanks to social media, the opportunity to create quickly is all around us. Still, it takes a client who is a true partner, a heroic marshaling of resources, and a leap of faith.

We found ourselves in this exact situation several months ago. Our client, CarMax, forwarded us a funny viral video. A guy had posted an ad he made to sell his girlfriend’s 1991 Honda Accord. It was well done. It was going supernova on YouTube. And it just so happened to perfectly align with CarMax’s brand.

Those cosmic forces don’t align often. So we decided, as a team, that we should respond. This guy wants to sell a dumpy, old car. CarMax will buy any car. Let’s offer to buy this guy’s dumpy car.

But we had to move quickly. All standard practices and procedures were out the window. Body hair had to be shaved for the sake of aerodynamics (that’s not true). We quickly assembled an inter-agency S.W.A.T. team. A small, nimble, talented group of creatives, clients, and in-house production that could concept, create, and approve an idea as a self-contained team. Then we got down to the business of creating.

In less than 24 hours, we created and posted something we were proud of. We had the spark of an idea and we ran — frantically — with it. That initial excitement you feel when you’ve got a fun idea cooking? That never went away. We didn’t have time to get tired of it or resent it or put it through the wringer so many times that it no longer resembled the thing we liked in the first place. We just did it. We went out and made it. Not only was it fun — it worked.

So, here’s to overthinking less and just making more.

To riding that wave of giddy excitement through the whole process.

And to having the right people in the right places to make the most of those opportunities when they arise.

Here’s the spot that started it all and our response:



P.S. He sold CarMax the car, and everything in it.

This article originally appeared on Lyle’s LinkedIn page.