The Art of Resilience featured on Ads of the World - McKinney

The Art of Resilience featured on Ads of the World

June 18, 2018

This week, Ads of the World featured the not-so-typical product video we made for our client, Corian® Design. “The Art of Resilience” depicts Corian® Design’s solid surface with Resilience Technology being put to the test in the creation of a cityscape that provided a playful, unexpected solution that exceeded expectations.

Using the Corian® surface itself as a canvas, the video follows an artist not only drawing with a marker but staining, scratching, and painting a café, hotel, school, and a hospital, using materials all native to those environments. Spilled wine, ketchup and mustard, iodine and scalpels, kid’s watercolor paints, lipstick, and toothpaste were all used to create a work of art, and a bit of a mess. In the end, the Corian® surface is renewed as water is splashed over the scene and scrubbed spotless with a sponge. The Art of Resilience indeed.

Click on the video below to explore the cool little town we created with condiments and other unexpected things for Corian® Design.