Mterns + Durham + Adventure = Exploring the Bull City! - McKinney

Mterns + Durham + Adventure = Exploring the Bull City!

June 12, 2018

McKinney has an amazing bunch of Mterns this summer. And there’s no better way to kick off their first week than by turning them loose in the heart of the Bull City. We sent them on a sightseeing scavenger hunt in downtown Durham, with a little added competition for fun, of course.

The rules were simple:  Mtern teams had two and a half hours to visit 12 classic downtown Durham locations, they were only allowed to walk (sorry, bikeshare overlords!), and they had to take a team picture at each location. At the end, Talent Management chose a winner based on locations visited and photographic creativity.  Location visits included the Durham History Hub, Carolina Theatre, Durham Bulls Athletic Park, and the former Black Wall Street.

Broadcast Mtern Justin Brodie summed up the experience: “It was amazing to see all the things the city had to offer and at the same time be able to experience it with three great team members.  This scavenger hunt helped form genuine memories and relationships that I hope last for a long time.”