PAYBACK makes the grade on Channel One News - McKinney

PAYBACK makes the grade on Channel One News

May 23, 2018

Channel One News is the daily in-school newscast that reaches over 6 million students in thousands of classrooms nationwide. And its aim is to encourage students to become better informed about the world they live in. So it’s only natural that PAYBACK, the immersive online game we developed for Next Gen Personal Finance that teaches students preparing for college how to avoid finding themselves awash in high-interest student loan debt, showed up there.



As you can see in the clip, the game struck home for students and educators alike. And McKinney Group Creative Director Jenny Nicholson points out a particular benefit PAYBACK provides for college-bound students, “They get to try out the decisions that they’ll have to make when they’re actually in college,’ says Nicholson. “But they get to make them virtually, rather than making them in real life.”