Crocs is literally top of mind with consumers - McKinney

Crocs is literally top of mind with consumers

April 13, 2018

Crocs has kicked off year two of the “Come As You Are” campaign, and as part of that effort we’ve introduced a custom Snapchat Audience Lens that allows lovers of the iconic Clog to place their head inside the distinctive footwear — sporting it from head to toe, if you will…or is that from toe to head?

“We’re doing a lot of different things to broaden preference for Crocs and their products,” says McKinney Associate Media Director Katrina Wallace. “The great thing about our Snap Lens execution is that we put forth a branded piece of content that people are willingly interacting with and organically sharing with others at a rate that exceeds category norms by 3x.”

The lens is a smash hit with younger Crocs lovers who typically have no shame when it comes to their obsession with the colorful Clog. It’s pretty clear, as evidenced by evidenced by their snaps and tweets, they want the lens to stick around 4-evah.