When the sleeping gets weird, the weird turn pro - McKinney

When the sleeping gets weird, the weird turn pro

March 8, 2018

On Saturday night, CollegeHumor introduced the world to the Competitive Sleeping League. The greatest sleepletes on the planet met in a four-hour suspension of consciousness to see who would emerge sleeptorious. And it was all brought to life (or sleep) by our client, Marpac. The title — and golden Marpac Dohm — went to Andy Wildman of Chicago, who outslept his three opponents soundly.

And if you missed the “action” the first time — and you don’t have four hours to kill — no need to lose any sleep over it. You can catch all the nightlights here on CollegeHumor.com.

Meanwhile, at McKinney, we’re so inspired by the champion sleepers, we’re having a sleep-off of our own. Three of our finest sleepers: Kathryn “Kat Nap” Moffit, Nick “The Gnoat” Brenton, and Susie “Sleeps a Lot” Abrams are competing this week to see who will emerge from their slumber victorious. (Naps under desks don’t count.)

Our winner will take home a Marpac Yogabed. Sweet dreams, indeed.