On Saturday night, CollegeHumor introduced the world to the Competitive Sleeping League. The greatest sleepletes on the planet met in a four-hour suspension of consciousness to see who would emerge sleeptorious. And it was all brought to life (or sleep) by our client, Marpac. The title — and golden Marpac Dohm — went to Andy Wildman of Chicago, who outslept his three opponents soundly.

And if you missed the “action” the first time — and you don’t have four hours to kill — no need to lose any sleep over it. You can catch all the nightlights here on CollegeHumor.com.

Meanwhile, at McKinney, we’re so inspired by the champion sleepers, we’re having a sleep-off of our own. Three of our finest sleepers: Kathryn “Kat Nap” Moffit, Nick “The Gnoat” Brenton, and Susie “Sleeps a Lot” Abrams are competing this week to see who will emerge from their slumber victorious. (Naps under desks don’t count.)

Our winner will take home a Marpac Yogabed. Sweet dreams, indeed.